The Kanagawa Re-Koten (Classics) Project is an initiative to take traditional culture originating from Kanagawa Prefecture and use it in new ideas, re-transmitting it as cultural art living in the present day. Matching the opening of the Rugby World Cup 2019™️, we will match Kanagawan traditional culture with digital videos, enabling it to be enjoyed by visitors from overseas.

October 20 (Sun.), 2019

13:00 -15:30 (Doors open at 12:00)

*Held simultaneously
The “Hadano Marché” exhibition of Kanagawan goods will be held from 10:00 to 16:30.

Coors Tek Hadano Cultural Hall (Large Hall)

(Hadano City Cultural Hall, Large Hall)
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Advance tickets                Adults 1,500 yen / Students 300 yen
Tickets sold on the day  Adults 2,000 yen / Students 500 yen
*General seating

<First Section>

The Two-Colored Reins
(Koi Nyobo Somewake Tazuna)

■Dochu Sugoroku
 Narrator: Tosako Takemoto
    Samisen: Misuzu Tsuruzawa Tritagonist: Tsugahana Tsuruzawa

■Shigenoi Kowakare
 Narrator: Komanosuke Takemoto (a female Gidayu, living national treasure)
    Samisen: Tsugahana Tsuruzawa

<Second Section>

■Yudate Shishimai
  Kagura Preservation Society of Sengokuhara, Hakone
■Odawara Hayashi
   Hayashi Tako Preservation Society of Odawara
■Hadano Tobacco Song and Dance
    Hadano City Recreation Association

Guest: Koichi Makigami

Komanosuke Takemoto 
Komanosuke Takemoto Resident of Hadano. Born in Awaji Island. Became a disciple of Harukoma Takemoto in Osaka in 1949. Studied under various bunraku masters. Began performance activities in Tokyo in 1952 with Sansho Tsuruzawa II as a samisen partner. Designated in 1980 as a holder of General Certification for the Important Intangible Cultural Property “Gidayu Ballad Drama”. Designated as a holder of Individual Certification (Living National Treasure) for the Important Intangible Cultural Property “Joruri Gidayu Ballad Drama” in 1999. Received Japan’s Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon in 2003. Received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette in 2008. Received an Award of Excellence (Records Division) at the 64th ACA National Arts Festival in 2009. Received the 61st Kanagawa Culture Prize in 2012. Received the Grand Prize at the 70th ACA National Arts Festival (Music Division) in 2015. Selected as a Person of Cultural Merits in 2017.



「カナガワ リ・古典 in 秦野」の開催を盛り上げようと、 秦野及び県内各地の名産・特産を販売、紹介する「かながわ物産展 秦野マルシェ」も同時開催。秦野産の木材や竹を使った体験コーナーや、子どもが遊べるコーナー、軽食・休憩スペースもご用意しています。
※「カナガワ リ・古典 in 秦野」のチケットの半券をお持ちの方には割引サービス有り

日 時: 令和元年10月20日(日)10:00~16:00
会 場:クアーズテック秦野カルチャーホール 秦野市文化会館 市民広場
協 力: 秦野市名産品のれん会協同組合、秦野削ろう会、
   Bamboo Project Japan、小田急電鉄 ほか 



日 時: 令和元年10月12日(土) 
    ・受付 13:00
    ・トーク 13:30~14:20
    ・まち歩き 14:30~16:00
会 場:秦野市本町公民館(秦野市入船町12-2)        
特 典: 参加者には、「カナガワ リ・古典 in 秦野」にご招待  

事前に事務局まで申 込み 先着順 (先着 30 名)
電 話: 045-662-0009
(トーク&まち歩き事務局 ルーデンス株式会社内)
講 師:鳴海行人氏 (まち探訪家)


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